Can Inflatable Decorations Get Wet? Let’s Find Out

If you have inflatable decorations, you’ve probably fretted a bit to see them in rain and harsh weather. Will it ruin the inflatable? Can inflatable decorations get wet? Well, this depends on what the inflatable decorations are made of. Read more here..

How To Attach An Anchor To An Inflatable Boat

As with any watercraft, there may be times that your inflatable boat will need an anchor. For example, an anchor can keep an inflatable boat from getting tossed around as much in unexpected inclement weather.

How To Repair a Puncture in An Inflatable Boat (Whilst in Water)?

To repair a puncture in an inflatable boat whilst on water, you will need acetone to clean the damaged area and duct tape to temporarily cover the hole. It is advisable to be heading back to shore as soon as possible and continually adding air to the boat where possible

How To Patch An Inflatable Pool-2 Minute Read

Most inflatable pools come with a patching repair kit. Using the soapy water technique to locate the hole and then drying off the area and using a pool patch is the best option. Read on to find out more..

How To Clean An Inflatable Pool-A Beginners Guide

Inflatable pools tend to get dirty faster than normal pools since the water is stagnant. It is therefore important to clean it every once in a while. How you clean your pool mainly depends on its size. Read on to learn more..

How Long Should You Inflate An Air Mattress? 2 Minute Read

If you’re one of the many who have wondered ‘how long should you inflate an air mattress,’ fortunately, there are some simple answers: This guide will help keep your air mattress in the best condition, so it remains optimally comfortable and functional.