Complete Inflatable Archway Buyer’s Guide

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If you have been to a marathon, a triathlon, an exhibition, a concert, or any event, you have probably seen an inflatable archway. With modern technologies, inflatable archways are now very common for different applications.

You can find the archways in different shapes and sizes, hence the many applications in events. Most importantly, you can get inflatable archways that match the theme of your event. If you need modifications, you can order a customized one.

Now, how do inflatable archways work? Why are they so popular, and what are the various archways available in the market? If you are curious, keep reading.

You will find out everything you need to know about inflatable archways in this buyer’s guide.

How Do You Use Inflatable Archways?

If you had no idea that inflatable archways exist, now you know. You may want to get one for your upcoming event and do not know how they work, or you can set up one. If so, do not worry; this guide will help you set up your first inflatable archway instantly.

When you buy an inflatable archway, you will receive a package with the following items:

  • The inflatable archway itself
  • A carry bag
  • Some tether ropes
  • An electric blower
  • User guide
  • Sometimes, an extension cord

With these parts, you will only need a power source, and you can start your setup process. Connect your extension and pull the outlet towards the location where you will be setting up your inflatable archway.

Setting up the inflatable archway

  1. Remove the archway from the carry bag
  2. Unfold the archway and lay it on the ground, following its layout
  3. Hook the tether ropes on each of the hooks at the foot of the inflatable archway

NB: If your archway does not come with tether ropes, you can anchor it to the ground using sandbags. It is simple to achieve, and you only need about 2 sandbags, depending on the size of your archway.

You should then locate the zipper, open it, and place the sandbags on the inside, at the foot of each end. After placing the sandbags, remember to close the zipper.

  1. Locate the fan tunnel/ valve on the arch
  2. Connect the tunnel to the electric pump
  3. Connect the pump to the extension
  4. Blow in the air into the archway until it is at the required pressure, and the archway has taken shape
  5. Now, when the arch is at full size, anchor it to the ground using your tether ropes. Tether ropes can be a hassle to use. So, make sure you place them carefully on the ground.

Remember, you do not want to be chasing your archway in the middle of the event because the hooks came off.

  • Find a good spot on the ground. Some event venues will have a concrete floor with extended arches for your use
  • Drive your pegs into a desirable depth
  • Tie the tether ropes
  • Give the tope and the peg a tag to see if you anchored it properly

The inflatable archway will be ready for use with the tether ropes. However, you should be careful not to trip on the ropes.

If you need to keep your electric pump connected to the arch at all times, you can find a safe place to store the extension. Otherwise, you should remove the extension and switch off the pump to clear the venue for your event.

For more information about setting up and taking down an inflatable archway, please watch this Youtube video.

Why Inflatable Archways Are Popular?

Archways are popular event pieces. You can get a customized design to help you advertise your brand or event sponsors.

They come in different styles to suit various events and budgets. For this reason, inflatable archways are very attractive among event planners.

These are the reasons why event planners prefer inflatable archways:

  • Are easy to use – Consider an archway as a giant balloon. It is easy to set up anywhere. With a pump, you can inflate it or deflate it as you wish, making it easy-to-use event equipment.
  • Customizable – Another considerable advantage of inflatable archways is their customizable nature. You can order a design you like and include any branding message.

If you want to identify the sponsors in your event, you only need to give your order requirements to your supplier. For this reason, archways become a perfect addition to your event.

  • Low cost – Compared to other archways, like brick, steel, and stone, inflatable archways are cheaper and easier to handle.

Compare prices from different vendors to get the best offer on your archway.

  • Portability – Inflatable archways meet all the requirements of successful events. They are easy to carry around, come in compact packages that are easy to transport, and are easy to set up. Most inflatable archways will come with a carry bag for more accessible transportation.
  • Safer – inflatable archways take time to disassemble. Therefore, you can hold your event without worrying that it may tumble down.

More importantly, inflatable archways come in a soft material that does not cause much harm compared to other types.

  • Durability – Despite being easy to set up, inflatable, and sometimes plastic, archways can be durable. Since most inflatable archways are for outdoor activities, manufacturers ensure to test their product quality to meet the harsh elements and event traffic.

Where Can You Use Inflatable Archways?

Inflatable archways come in handy on any occasion that requires a temporary entry or exit. In sports, you can find the archways at the start and finishing line of a marathon.

In most cases, a customized inflatable archway is better because it is more eye-catching and convenient. When that is the case, you can use an inflatable archway in:


Types Of Inflatable Archways

When you think of an inflatable arch, the first thing that comes to mind is its bendy and curvy nature. These characteristics and their durability and ease of use depend on the material used to make the arches.

The most common inflatable arches will either be:

PVC tarps

PVC tarps are solid and durable. When used to make archways, they are resistant to extreme weather conditions such as strong winds, heavy rains, and high pressures. In fact, the life expectancy of a quality PVC tarp can extend over 15 years.

The high-density PVC tarps have UV protection against hot summers that can wear and tear your inflatable archway in no time.

Special Oxford Fabric

The unique Oxford fabric is also commonly used to make inflatable archways. The material is convenient but is also strong and tough.

It can resist abrasion, friction, and even high pressure. Notably, it has anti-mite characteristics and can retain its original shape and color, even after frequent use.

However, it is mostly transparent and has poor wear and tear characteristics.

Polyester Taffeta

Polyester taffeta is a highly customizable material. You can paint, print, or emboss it with treatments, and it will retain the coating, art, or words written on it. Its most significant advantages include its thin texture, ease of washing, high quality, and low price.

Denier Polyester

Denier polyester is another favorable choice of material in the making of inflatable archways. It is durable and affordable, but that depends on your grade.

The heavier the denier material, the stronger the archway, and the more serious it weighs. However, a higher grade also means that your arch lasts longer.

However, it requires more maintenance and is more susceptible to damage than PVC or Oxford fabric.

According to shape

As of now, you can tell that there are tens of inflatable archways in the market. If you choose a material, you also need to select the shape of the arch. These include:

Standard Archway

The traditional archway is probably what came to your mind when you heard of inflatable archways. It is the conventional archway that comes in a half-moon shape.

Usually, since the arch is semi-circular, they are made of tubes of different widths. In terms of color, the tube determines the color of your arch.

The traditional archway is a blank canvas that you can print or paint with any logo. You can also include a removable banner section and messages for your sponsors.

The classic inflatable archways also come in different ground widths and heights.

Angled Archway

Unlike the standard arch that looks like a rainbow, the angle archways have a more dramatic effect. You can find an arch with 45 bends after a certain height.

The top may be flat or another bend. These angle archways offer the perfect spot to include your brand logo or banner.

Under the arch, you can also include another banner for your sponsors. The different sections on the archway could be a single color. You can be more expressive and select different colors for the sections.

Square Archways

Square archways are a type of angled archway, only this time, the angle falls to 90. The main advantage of a square arch is the head clearance it offers. Unlike a standard arch, where the tallest person has to be at the center, a square archway has equal clearance.

You can find square archways in different thicknesses, sizes, colors, and branding. For instance, if you get the arch for one event, you can request a blank arch and use removable banners instead of ordering a printed archway.

Inflatable Misting Archways

Now, some events require a cool down. You have seen athletes running into pools of water in marathons, and these misting archways do better.

Rather than spraying water on the athletes, the misting arch oxygenates the water, then pumps it out as fine mist. Since the water is cooler than the ambient temperature, the mist can lower the temperatures under and around the arch to comfortable levels.

You just need to attach a hose with pressurized water to the misting system, and you are ready to go. Do not worry; you will never have to remove or install a misting hose. Most manufacturers include the system in the inflatable archway for ergonomics.

Finish Line Archways with Chutes

You can use an archway with chutes when you want to define the path. The chutes are extended parts of the inflatable archway that help define the start or end path.

Usually, these chutes are permanent on the archway. You can use them to advertise your sponsors, brands, or even add a message. You can find the shape of the archway you want and then find one that comes with chutes.

SAYOK Outdoor Inflatable Arch Inflatable Archway Inflatable Start Finish Line Racing Arch Banners with Air Blower for Advertising (Blue, 20FT)

Custom Archways

Not all events call for a general inflatable archway. Sometimes, you can go the extra step of making the arch more suited for your event. For instance, if you hold a Christmas party, you can have an arch with Santa at your feet.

On the other hand, if you are opening a pub and want some publicity, you can use an inflatable archway with bottles on both ends to capture the attention of your prospective customers.

A customized archway includes specific designs, colors, messages, and unique shapes for your business.

Some good examples of custom inflatable archways include Halloween archways for Halloween decoration, a clown archway for a birthday party, or even a Christmas arch for your Christmas party

Truss Archways

At first look, you may confuse a Truss Arch with the scaffoldings you used at a previous event. However, that is understandable because they are both flat on all ends.

Due to their flat nature, Truss archways can accommodate multiple banners for advertisements. You can also print logos and advert messages in different colors or font combinations.

Truss arches are typical in race transition areas because they are sturdier and durable.

What Affects the Cost of An Inflatable Archway?

Inflatable archways from different manufacturers will differ in price. It is common, depending on several factors. Some include:

Material – Denier polyester is cheaper than PVC tarp.

Imprint area – the more banner space you have, the costlier the archway becomes. Therefore, the bigger the arch, the higher the cost

Production time – if you order a customized archway and it takes 2-3 weeks to be ready, instead of the regular 4-5 weeks, you may have to pay an additional cost for the rushed production.

Shipping – Like any other order, how you receive it determines the amount you pay. Avoid shipping fees if you offer to pick it up at the manufacturer’s shop.

However, by using a delivery service, you must pay extra. Expedited shipping is costlier than ground shipping too.

Now, how do you order the right product? It is simple; before ordering your inflatable archway, consider the following:

What will be the average flow rate on the archway? This determines the size of the archway to get so that the people passing at any time are comfortable

What is your budget? A larger budget can get you a more robust and larger arch with customized features

Where will you be using the archway? Consider the weather or climate of the condition where you will be using the archway. This will help you determine the best material for the arch

How often do you hold events? A customized archway with thicker material will be the best investment if you have events often.

What Banners Can You Use on Your Inflatable Archway?

Sometimes, having a custom arch will be more expensive. So, to accommodate the many sponsors on your numerous events, you can go with a solid color archway and use removable banners instead.

Therefore, rather than printing the logo on the arch, you get an add-on to use for each event.

The most common banners include:

Hanging banners – these have d-rings where you pass a tube/string to attach them to the arch. The lower side hangs over the arch.

Velcro banners – you can only use these removable banners on an inflatable arch with previously affixed Velcro strips.

Wrap-around banners – for easy cover-up, you can use the wrap-around banners along the arch tube. Usually, the banners have a Velcro strap for fastening.

Final Thoughts

Whether you go for a rounded, angled, or square inflatable archway, the goal remains to attract attention to your message. You can use one or multiple archways to promote your products or advertise your brand.

There are many options in the market, depending on the material, size, and design you want. With this guide, you now stand in a better position to choose an inflatable archway better suited for your event.