Inflatable Cat Collar Buyer’s Guide

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Just like humans, animals are susceptible to injuries. If you own a feline buddy, it may acquire wounds due to surgery or a bad accident.

The cat will then be inclined to scratch, lick, or bite the wound, worsening it and prolonging the recovery period. An inflatable cat collar prevents this by limiting the cat’s access to the injury.

As there are many types of inflatable cat collars on the market today, choosing the best one for your fur baby can be quite the challenge. Fortunately, this guide purposes of making it easier for you. By the end of this article, you should be in a position to choose an inflatable collar that satisfies both you and your pet cat.

Why Should You Buy an Inflatable Cat Collar?

The main reason you should buy an inflatable cat collar is that it does an excellent job of preventing your cat from interfering with the healing process of its wounds. It helps keep the injuries clean, thus speeding up the recovery process.

Also, it is pretty comfortable and will not affect the cat’s everyday life to a large degree. Your cat will still be able to play, eat and sleep without too much trouble.

Essentially, your cat will be less irritable in an inflatable collar than in a cone of shame, which restricts movement and freedom.

Additionally, inflatable cat collars are easy to use and maintain. They consist of a tube and a removable cloth that is easy to wash. So, if your fur baby rolls away in the mud while playing, it should not be a problem.

Is An Inflatable Cat Collar Better Than a Cone?

Inflatable collars are softer and lighter than cones. They do not affect a cat’s daily life, which is more than can be said about cones. While they serve the same purpose, pets are more comfortable in inflatable collars than cones.

Cones are restrictive, meaning that your cat will not be able to eat, play, or sleep as comfortably as it would with an inflatable collar.

Also, cones limit the vision of a cat. They cover the face’s peripheral area, meaning that your cat will only be able to see the place in front, which can be frustrating.

Elsewhere, inflatable collars allow a 180 degrees view. Therefore, wounded cats tend to be irritable and anxious in cones and more relaxed in inflatable collars.

Furthermore, since cats can’t eat or sleep effectively in cones, you will have to remove the cones during these activities. This means that you have to be vigilant to ensure that the cat does not reach out and scratch its wounds, which can be a tedious task.

The little feline may even succeed once or twice, detrimental to its recovery.

Generally, pets hate cones. It makes them feel like they are under detention, which is the last thing they should feel when they are already in pain from the wounds. Therefore, an inflatable collar is better than a cone in more ways than one.

For more information, please watch this comparison Youtube video.

Are Inflatable Collars Safe for Cats?

Inflatable collars are absolutely safe for cats. For one, they are made with soft and comfortable materials.

So, if a cat hits something while wearing the collar, it will not suffer the effects of the impact. If anything, the collar will act as a shock absorber.

Things To Consider When Buying an Inflatable Cat Collar

When looking to purchase the best inflatable cat collar for your pussy cat, there are factors that you ought to put into consideration. They include the following:


Quality is an essential feature of any product. The better the quality, the better the performance of the product, and the longer the service. Therefore, go for an inflatable cat collar of excellent quality. This means one made with durable materials and outstanding craftsmanship.


Comfort is paramount when it comes to an inflatable cat collar. Since your little pet’s comfort is already compromised by its wounds, you want to make it easier. Therefore, ensure that the collar you get for it is soft to the skin and does not interfere with the cat’s regular activities.

The little furball should be able to eat, play and sleep comfortably with the collar. The more comfortable it is, the less irritable and anxious it will get.


The inflatable part of the collar is usually covered by a removable cloth before being put on the cat’s neck. It should be comfortable, light, and soft. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that the outer fabric feels lovely against the cat’s skin.

More importantly, the material should not irritate the feline’s skin. Therefore, the best materials for the outer cloth are satin and cotton. These materials are also durable and relatively easy to maintain. They are easy to wash with both hands and machines.


You should get a size that fits your cat well enough that the fur baby cannot reach its wounds. As there are different sizes of cats, there are also different sizes of inflatable collars. Essentially, there are three categories of sizes: small, medium, and large.

The cat’s weight is an essential determinant of the best size. You should know the size of your cat so you can get the most befitting collar. Getting a collar that is too tight or too loose will not get the job done. The former will restrict breathing and cause discomfort, while the latter can easily slip out when the cat is playing.


An excellent inflatable cat collar should fit your feline comfortably. However, it is not always a given that the collar will meet this requirement. This is why adjustability is essential.

Most collars come with an adjustable Velcro strap that enables you to adjust the collar to fit perfectly. One advantage of adjustable collars is that you can use them on different sizes of cats. Remember to leave some breathing space when you change the collar.


One upside of inflatable collars over cones is that they can come in various shapes. Some can be donut-shaped, others duck-shaped, or any feasible shape you can think of. It would be a good idea to get the collar designed into the cat’s favorite toy in the spirit of lifting the little fur baby’s moods.


There is a variety of manufacturers in the market today. Each brand offers something unique to the consumer. Some offer quality, others affordability, and others style. Thus, you should do adequate research to determine the brand that best satisfies your needs and that of your fur baby.

Checking out customer reviews and product ratings online is an excellent way to compare the different brands of inflatable cat collars.


Cats love colors. They are pretty playful, and colorful things excite them. To keep them in a good mood, choose bright-colored collars. Red, yellow, pink, and blue is good color options for an inflatable collar for your sick cat.

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How To Use an Inflatable Cat Collar?

Inflatable products are usually easy to use, and an inflatable cat collar is no different. The goal is to inflate the collar to the appropriate pressure. You should pump air into the PVC material through an air hole.

Some inflatable collars are small enough for you to self-inflate if your lungs are powerful enough. Most inflatable collars come with their own pumps. If not, you can shop for the pump separately.

When inflated as desired, the next step is to insert them into the cover cloth and zip it up.

Before you put the collar into the cat’s neck, see that it is not flaccid. A flaccid inflatable collar will not perform optimally. Lastly, adjust the collar on the cat’s neck to the perfect fit using the adjustable Velcro strap.

Final Thoughts

Having a pet means you have to strive to keep it safe and healthy as much as possible. Unfortunately, pets get hurt or suffer diseases that may require surgery. If your pet cat undergoes any of these, it might have wounds.

Therefore, an inflatable cat collar helps prevent the cat from interfering with the wound during the healing process. This article provided you with tips for buying the perfect cat collar for your pet- we hope it has been helpful.