Popup Inflatable Spray Tan Booth Buyer’s Guide

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Summer frenzy is here, and there is an increasing demand for tanning services as everyone seeks glowing skin. Spa and salon bookings are packed, requiring you to find a convenient and cost-effective means to get your tan.

A popup inflatable spray tan booth might just be what you need this summer. In seconds, you will have a temporary but fully functional compartment to apply your tan.

If you offer commercial tanning services, you can offer these services directly in the comfort of your client’s homes. They are lightweight and portable, enabling you to set up a mobile station virtually anywhere with minimal fuss. Convenient and 100% fulfillment of your tanning appointments will make your business thrive this summer.

What Are the Benefits of a Spray Tan Booth?


Using a spray tan booth will significantly reduce your time to apply a tan. On average, you’ll only require 10 to 20 minutes inside the booth. However, you will require almost twice that time to have the same amount of tan on a tanning bed.

Therefore, if you are tight on time, this would be perfect for you. Also, for a business person, you will be able to serve more clients in a given time, meaning more revenue.

Clean Environment

A tan booth is a controlled environment. The tanning procedure can go on without you worrying about overspray on walls or staining the floor. You will also not bother people in the surrounding areas.


Inflatable spray tan booths inflate and deflate quickly. They only take around 30-90 seconds to either deflate or inflate. Often, one person can do the job, which is very convenient.


A spray tan booth gives a more excellent tan job. It allows you to apply the tan evenly, resulting in a satisfactory result.

Factors To Consider When Buying an Inflatable Spray Tan Booth


The material of a spray tan booth should have four cardinal features: flexible, sturdy, waterproof, and breathable fabric. Since it is inflatable, the fabric should be able to expand and contract easily without losing its structural strength.

Waterproofness is achieved by coating the fabric with PVC. This coating ensures any overspray doesn’t don’t dissolve into the fabric or stain it.

The excess tan spray will trickle down to the base of the booth for easy cleaning.

Breathability is achieved by lining the booth walls with perforated mesh material to allow proper airflow within the unit.


Booths come in different sizes, and the choice of size depends on their application. We recommended the booth’s dimensions to be in the vicinity of 5 feet wide and 7 feet high.

This will allow the technician to work comfortably and the client to effortlessly turn around for a productive tanning session.

Another consideration when choosing the size of a spray tan booth is the available room space. Take the dimensions of the room you plan to set up the booth in. Cramming too many booths in a small room is unhygienic and will often result in an unsatisfactory tan.


Inflatable booths may lack installed led lights but should have a transparent or translucent top. This will allow natural light to illuminate the booth’s interior, enabling the technician to apply an even tan. You can also do any corrections or retouches before the client steps out of the booth.


When deflated, the booth should fold up to a compact size, making storage much more manageable. Typically, portable units are lightweight, and you will not face any hassles while transporting them between locations.

You can easily fit 4-5 booths within your vehicle, saving you the cost of outsourcing transportation.


Spray Tan booths are reasonably priced. A good unit will cost anywhere from $400 to $800 depending on the complexity of the design, material quality, and brand.

Considering the conveniences it offers, this is good value for money. There are booths below $400, but you will have to compromise on quality.


Tanning involves remaining with as little clothing as possible. Your privacy is undoubtedly a paramount factor when choosing a booth.

The opaque PVC material should cover at least three-quarters of the height of the booth. Alternatively, the front end of the booth can have a sheet covering it.


Lastly, the color you settle on all depends on your personal preferences. It’s all for ambiance and will not necessarily affect the functionality of the spray tan booth.

Dull colors such as black are less conspicuous but stain and fade at a very slow rate, while bright colors help by brightening up the mood.

KobbTan Large Deluxe Spray Tanning Pop Up Tent in 1/3 Clear Black Portable Mobile Tan Booth With Carry Case

How To Inflate an Inflatable Spray Tan Booth?


You can use manual or electric inflatable blowers with 0.5-0.8 horsepower. Higher horsepower means your inflatable spray tan booth will be up and running faster.

Always check with the manufacturer’s recommendation on the suitable horsepower to void overinflating. This will put pressure on the booth’s seams, which can cause the entire unit to burst and collapse.  

The downside of these blowers is the initial and maintenance cost. While some brands sell the booth and blower as a package, others sell them as separate entities.

The energy consumption is negligible for domestic use, but the electric blower will drive up your energy bill affecting your bottom line for commercial purposes.

Self-inflating Booths

Innovative and technological advancements have led to the development of conventional spray tan booths that self-inflate. It employs open-cell foam known for its remarkable flexibility and breathability.

This booth is more suitable for the outdoors since it is lightweight and stable, and you can set it up anywhere without requiring a power source or pump. However, it is slower than using a pump, usually taking 1-3 minutes to be fully functional.

Deflating an Inflatable Spray Tan Booth

You must remove the air from the unit for it to be stored compactly. For most booths, it’s as simple as opening the air release valve.

The compressed air will immediately start escaping collapsing the booth. If any air remains in the system, gently squeeze the fabric towards the valve and close it when it has emptied.

Some models require the electric motor to keep running to keep the spray tan booth inflated. Switching the motor off will automatically begin deflating the unit.

If you plan to set a tanning station on or next to a beach, we recommend a booth with a dark shade of blue. It will reflect most sun rays, maintaining moderate temperatures inside the booth for all-day usage.

For more information take a look at this Youtube video.

Care And Maintenance of an Inflatable Spray Tan Booth

The durability of a spray tan booth largely depends on how you use and maintain it.


Spray tanning booths are easy to clean, and they will go a long way in keeping them in pristine condition. The frequency of cleaning a tan booth is primarily dependent on how often you use it.

If you use it occasionally, clean it after a week or so. For regular or commercial use, cleaning after every use works best. You can clean it using various methods, including;

Machine Washing

Most inflatable booths are safe for use in a washing machine and tumble dryer, making the cleaning process easier and faster. Remove the blower before tossing the booth in the machine.

An additional spin cycle is necessary in case you have some overspray or excess water remaining. Finally, remember not to wash the deflated booth together with other laundry.


Using a hosepipe is a more traditional approach and washes off any tanning residue more efficiently. Water the spray tan booth first before scrubbing the booth with a soft sponge and a mild detergent. Finish off by rinsing the lather with a steady stream of water.  


Using a hosepipe is only practical if you are cleaning the booths outdoors. When indoors, you don’t have the luxury of space; hence, wiping is ideal.

Thoroughly wipe the fabric of the tan booth with a soft cotton cloth and spray cleaner. Ensure all the debris is removed and the cleaner leaves no stains or corrodes the fabric.

Whatever method you use, always ensure the booth dries completely before deflating it. Place it in the sun to dry off and air it for a while. When damp, the booth provides a conducive environment for mold growth.


On the back of the recent COVID 19 pandemic, cleaning is not enough, especially if your spray booth is for commercial services. A commercial spray tan booth, on average, can serve 10-15 clients daily.

Disinfecting the surfaces between the sessions will play a critical role in ensuring client safety and peace of mind.

It would be best to allow the booth to dry entirely before embarking on the disinfection. The best cause of action is the use of disinfecting wipes. These wipes are non-abrasive but textured to pick up microscopic germs and bacteria.

The next best alternative is using a solution with antibacterial and antifungal properties. Spray this formula onto the booth and gently wipe it off with a clean cloth. The solutions are usually scented, which leaves the booth smelling crispy and fresh.


A popup inflatable spray tan booth makes the storage process easy as it consumes very little space after deflation. However, you need to store it carefully to keep it functional.

Please keep it away from protrusions and sharp objects, which can cause rips or scratches on the fabric material.

Being inflatable, any leakage of air will limit the efficient functioning of the booth. If the damage is unrepairable, it renders the unit absolute, which is quite unfortunate since you could easily avoid it.


You should always check the condition of the booth before and after usage. This will enable you to identify and remedy any problems early enough. It is cheaper and safer.

Replace or repair any defective part before it can cause any significant structural damage to the whole booth. Work within the confines of the manufacturer’s manual to prevent voiding your warranty.  


You ought to cover your hands and feet to avoid discoloration of your nails. This also applies to the palms and the feet sole.

Long hair should also not be exposed to the solution – it should be kept inside a hair net.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a spray tan last?

How long your spray tan lasts depends on the aftercare. Ordinarily, a spray tan will last a week, but you can squeeze in a few extra days with proper care.

You will have to adjust your shower routine to keep the tan longer. No more scrubbing or soaking yourself in the bathtub if you are to keep the bronze glow for more than seven days.

Waxing, shaving, and exfoliation should also be done prior to getting into the spray tan booth.

Does a spray tan offer UV protection?

No. a spray tan is only a skincare regimen. If you plan to go sunbathing, remember to apply some sunblock with an SPF of at least 30.

Can you customize a Spray Tan Booth?

Yes. Major booth manufacturers understand this and do not put logos or emblems on their merchandise. This allows you to use brand them according to your discretion.

Customization, however, is allowed in branding, not structural changes. Tampering with this will affect the entire unit’s functionality, safety, and durability.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of ways to get tanning done, but a popup inflatable spray tan booth stands out for its convenience. It is quick to set up, easy to clean, compact, and lightweight for indoor and outdoor applications.

We hope that our popup inflatable spray tan guide has been informative, and the tips will come in handy on your next purchase. Do not fret; simply choose a product that best serves your interest.