Are Inflatable Roof Bars Any Good?

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Roof bars are an essential part of any outdoor adventure as they make hauling easy and fast. They are easy to assemble and install on vehicles as they do not require any expertise. Anyone can do it.

Inflatable roof bars have become the modern solution for carrying equipment on top of a car. It enable one to transport items like canoes, kayaks, ladders, and other odd-shaped items on the roof of your car.

They have air tubes that are resistant to puncture, thus creating a soft cushion between the bar and the load being transported. They are also good since they are equipped with strong straps that hold your load in place even when traveling at high speeds.

Most people are used to the typical roof bars used to carry luggage and other odd-shaped types of equipment. These roof bars are difficult to install and can cause damage to your car.

On the other hand, inflatable bars are soft and firm and eliminate the possibility of damage to the roof of your vehicle.

Do Inflatable Roof Bars offer stable support for hauling items?

Yes, they do. If you are looking to transport any odd-shaped and large item, inflatable roof bars are the best choice. Inflatable roof bars are the future of easy hauling items on car roofs. They are affordable, portable, easy to use, and portable

They are also lightweight and easy to mount on cars, making them easy to use for people with or without permanent roof racks..

Additionally, they are universally compatible with most car models and easy to adjust to fit any car. Also, unlike the traditional roof bars, inflatable roof bars are less likely to scuff and damage the roof of your vehicle.

The only drawback of inflatable roof bars is that they are not permanent fixtures. They are prone to wear and tear and can also be punctured.

However, this also means that they can be removed and attached to another vehicle when need be.  Lastly, inflatable roof bars can be deflated once you are done using them, and you can roll them up and store them in their storage bags (most come with a storage bag).  

What Other Types of Roof Bars Are There?

Roof bars are available in all shapes and sizes, depending on what you want to transport. Thus, you have to find one suits all your needs.

Here are some other types you can find in the market:

Rooftop bike bars

There are two types of roof bike bars: fork mount and upright mount. The fork mount is suitable for stability, but you will have to remove the bike’s front wheel to attach the rack to the front bike fork.

On the other hand, the upright mount does not offer excellent stability, but the front wheel must be taken off to be mounted on the bars.

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Snowboards and ski roof bars

These roof bars are attached, enabling you to place the snowboards inside and clamp them down quickly.

Paddleboard and surfboards bars

For this type of bar, you place the surfboards down flat across the bars and secure them, and are equipped with padding to protect the surfboards from damage.

Kayak and canoe bars

Kayak and canoe bars are equipped with two crossbars to place the canoes at an angle. They also come with two extra straps at the stern and bow of the canoes that enable you to tie down at the front and the back of the vehicle. These provide excellent stability and prevent the kayaks and canoes from falling while transported.

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How To Select The Best Inflatable Roof Bars For Your Car?

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind before investing in an inflatable roof bar. Some of them includes:

Consider the weight of the roof bars

A strong roof bar is the best but ensure that it is not heavy materials. A well-designed roof bar will offer more strength for hauling equipment rather than it being heavy. Consider purchasing a strong roof bar that is light but offers a heavy load carrying capacity.

Determine your roof weight limit

Cars have specific weight limits that they can support. Carrying heavy weights exceeding your roof weight limit can damage your car roof.

To ensure that you take the specified weight, check your car manual and the object’s weight you intend to carry and total it up. Make sure that it does not exceed the stipulated limit on the manual.

Check your roof type

Cars have different roof types. The type of roof your vehicle has will determine the kind of bars that can be mounted on top and if it will require a fit kit or not.

Check the user’s manual for the type of roof your car has, which will guide you on what type of bars to buy.

Consider the uses of your roof bars

The type of bars you purchase will depend on the activity you will use them for. You will benefit from a multipurpose bar that can be used for various uses. Also, consider purchasing a removable bar that can be removed while not in use.

For more information about selecting the best inflatable roof bars, please watch this Youtube video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a roof bar cause damage to the roof of your car?

Yes, they can if they are not installed correctly. Always check the user manual for instructions on securely installing the bars. This will prevent any damage to your car.

Can you leave the inflatable roof bars on your car?

It is okay to leave your roof bars on your car for a short period of time. However, many roof bars come with storage bags for when you are not using them—storing the inflatable bars when not in use is a great way to ensure that they last long.

How do I deflate the inflatable roof bars?

The inflatable roof bars have valves where you can inflate and deflate the air. Just open the valve, and the air will come out, and you can roll them and store them.


Inflatable roof bars are the best ones compared to other traditional ones. They do not cause damage to the roof of cars and can carry heavy load capacity.

They are also easy to assemble, install and assemble. So yes, inflatable roof bars are good, and choosing inflatable roof bars is the best way to go.