Can My Dog Sleep With An Inflatable Collar? Here’s The Truth

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The primary purpose of an inflatable collar is to prevent a sick or injured dog from licking their wounds and getting an infection or slowing down the healing process. It achieves this by limiting access to the wounded area.

But what happens at night time? A lot of people question whether or not it is okay for dogs to sleep with an inflatable collar…

dog sleeping with inflatable collar

Can Dogs Sleep With An Inflatable Collar?

Dogs can sleep comfortably and safely with an inflatable collar because it is lightweight, soft, and less intrusive than a cone. The collar will keep the dog’s neck in place and improve his sleeping position for a better night’s sleep.

Just make sure the collar is the right size and is appropriately adjusted to fit your dog. Also, always opt for high-quality products that are tailored to meet your dog’s specific needs.

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Should Your Dog Wear An Inflatable Collar?

An inflatable dog collar (also known as a donut or inflatable cone) is a pet collar that is inflated to form a cushion-like shape.

The inflatable collar is designed to safeguard your pets from injuries, rashes, and post-surgery sores. It also prevents them from biting and licking their wounds, allowing them to recuperate more quickly.  

These collars come in different sizes, starting from extra small, small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes, each designed to fit your dog’s neck circumference.

Inflatable dog collars were introduced to replace the dog cone. As most people call them, (the cone of shame) is uncomfortable and tends to make your dog more restless. Most of these cones are made from plastic which can be very restricting. Plastic cones prevent your dog from engaging in everyday activities such as eating and even seeing or hearing properly.

Traditional recovery cones and Elizabethan collars, have been dubbed “lampshade” and even “dog radar dish” and have a terrible reputation. For one, these cones obscure a dog’s line of vision. As a result, the dog will keep bumping into random things, which not only frustrates your pet but also can cause more injuries.

However, with an inflatable dog collar, you don’t have to worry about that since it is soft, comfortable, and does not obstruct a dog’s activities.

old dog in inflatable collar after surgery

What Is The Right Inflatable Collar For A Dog?

It’s critical to pick the correct inflatable collar for your dog to ensure their wellbeing, especially when sleeping. The best option will be a fitting size, comfortable to wear, and tailored to your dog’s needs.

Some inflatable dog collars have a missing section at the front. While this can make it easier for your dog to sleep, as they can rest their chin straight down on the bed, these collars also make it easier for a dog to reach around and lick his wounds.

A well-tailored, comfortable and robust inflatable collar prevents the danger of being caught up on something in their bed or around the home, leading to choking.

In terms of size, the extra small collar usually fits dogs with a 3-5 inches neck circumference, while the small one fits 5-7 inches. The medium-sized collar fits a neck circumference of 7-11 inches, the large one fits 11- 18 inches’ neck, while the extra-large one fits a neck circumference of 18-26 inches.

However, these measurements may vary, so always check the manufacturer’s instructions to find the best inflatable collar to fit your dog.

dog with inflatable collar

How Should A Dog Wear An Inflatable Collar For Comfortable Sleep?

Before you can put the donut over your dog’s neck, you first need to inflate it.

After this, remove your dog’s regular collar from around his neck and loop it through the inner straps of the inflated collar. Then, slide the inflatable collar over his head and secure it around his neck with his regular dog collar.

An inflatable collar must fit snugly to deter a pet from removing it. A general rule is that if two fingers can fit between securing the collar and the neck, it is not excessively tight.

Your dog’s collar should also fit cozily around its ears. It’s too loose if it slips over the dog’s ears. It’s too tight if you can’t get it to their ears without suffocating the dog.

What Are The Advantages Of Using An Inflatable Dog Collar?

One of the most significant benefits of inflatable dog collars is their comfortability, especially when sleeping. Dogs that are healing should be given plenty of time to relax without being irritated by a plastic cone over their necks.

Other advantages of blow up donut collars include:

1. Easy to store

Your dog will usually only wear an inflatable collar if it has any injuries or wounds on its body. After that period has passed, you should keep it in a secure location for future use. When it’s not in use, deflate it and put it in a safe place. Once deflated, the size of these collars is almost negligible, making them easy to store.

2. Adjustable

Inflatable dog collars come in a variety of sizes. However, most manufacturers provide an adjustable strap. You can use this adjustable collar to ensure that it is appropriately fitted around your dog’s neck.

3. Long Lasting

Inflatable dog collars can last you a very long time since most of them are from high-quality materials such as PVC. It’s crucial to have a protective dog collar that’s long-lasting, so you don’t have to purchase a new one each time as you do with a traditional plastic cone.

4. Easy to clean

Another disadvantage of plastic cones is that it’s tough to clean and disinfect them. However, inflatable cones are very easy to clean. This is because once deflated; you can soak them in any disinfectant solution you want.

Are Inflatable Collars Safe?

Inflatable collars and inflatable cones are perfectly safe for dogs to wear, even when they’re asleep. You can even leave your dog home alone while wearing the collar, just as you would with a regular dog collar.

In fact, inflatable dog collars are even safer than rigid cones, as dogs are much less likely to get caught on furniture, fall down stairs or suffer another type of accident caused by reduced vision.

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Final Thoughts

The inflatable dog collar is a fantastic invention and most dogs get used to them quickly. This is because they are comfortable, and they do not hinder your pet from engaging in any activity from eating, playing, or even sleeping.

In fact, an inflatable collar is much more comfortable than a regular collar for sleeping and has no disadvantages compared to a cone.

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