Inflatable Dog Collar Vs Cone: Which is Better

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Dogs, like other animals, are susceptible to injuries. They also suffer diseases that may require surgery, and hence, wounds. However, dogs have no sense of control when it comes to dealing with their wounds- they will lick and scratch until the wounded area becomes infected, making it difficult to heal.

It is, therefore, upon caregivers to ensure that this does not happen. Attaching a cone or a collar around the dog’s neck prevents the dog from accessing and licking the wounded part until it is adequately healed.

So, is an inflatable collar better than a cone for dogs?

Inflatable collars are better than cones as they are more comfortable. Both an inflatable collar and a cone protect a dog after an injury or surgery. They are attached to the dog’s neck to prevent the dog from licking the wound raw and, as a result, delaying the healing process.

The Cone

The dog cone is commonly referred to as the ‘cone of shame’. Generally, dogs are not fond of it for reasons that will be discussed shortly.

Either way, the cone is efficient where its purpose is concerned. When you put a cone on a dog, the furry pet will not be able to access the wounded area. Furthermore, it is easy to attach around the dog’s head, besides being affordable and easy to find.

Why Don’t Dogs Like Cones?

Generally, dogs don’t like things that restrain their freedom, no matter the cause. On top of being restrictive, the cone comes with a whole lot of discomfort. For one, the cone is shaped like a funnel and, as a result, covers most of the dog’s face. This means that the pet will not be able to see the things around it correctly, so it will keep bumping into them.

Additionally, the shape of the cone leads to the amplification of sounds. Normal sounds will be loud and startling to the dog for as long as they have the cone attached to the neck. Thus, the dog will be scared all day long, which can be very uncomfortable, especially if the dog has anxiety.

Sleeping in a cone is borderline torturous for dogs. This is because it would be hard to find a comfortable sleeping position with the cone attached to the neck. This can get frustrating, especially because dogs really treasure their nap time. A dog is likely to whine the whole night with a cone on its neck until the cone is taken off.

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The discomfort caused by wearing a cone would cause a dog to avoid drinking water or playing around. The dog finds it cumbersome to stick to its regular activities. Instead, a dog is likely to act up and create a mess due to the frustration that comes with the discomfort.

While the cone is effective in preventing the dog from interfering with the healing process of its wounded area, it greatly undermines the comfort of the furry creature. The inflatable dog collar is a more comfortable alternative for the same job.

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Why Is the Inflatable Dog Collar More Comfortable Than the Cone?

An inflatable dog collar is softer and more flexible compared to the rigid plastic materials that are used to make cones. Therefore, a dog is able to sleep comfortably and move around without hitting things.

Inflatable collars come in different sizes, so one can choose the most fitting for their pet. Also, they have adjustable straps in case some adjustment needs to be made, which is more than can be said about the cone.

Additionally, the inflatable collar does not interfere with the dog’s regular activities. A dog is able to run around, eat, and drink water with few restrictions. Thus, the pet will be in a much better mood compared to when it has a cone on.

A collar only occupies the neck area and does not form a hollow around the dog’s head like a cone does. For this reason, it does not amplify sounds, so the dog will not be constantly startled.

More importantly, an inflatable collar, just like the cone, is efficient in preventing a dog from licking its wound or stitches. Thus, it enables the injured pet to regain its health in the shortest time.

What Are the Advantages of An Inflatable Dog Collar Over A Cone?

Even though they serve the same purpose, an inflatable dog collar has some advantages over a cone. These advantages include the following:

It is more comfortable: Comfort is possibly the biggest advantage that the inflatable collar has over the plastic cone. Unlike the cone, the collar does not get in the way of the dog carrying out its regular activities like drinking water, playing around, and sleeping.

It is more portable: Anything that is inflatable can be deflated. This means that without air, the collar is just a piece of Velcro that can fit small places. You can easily bring it with you when travelling with your dog, and it will also occupy a very small place during storage. A cone is not shrinkable and is, therefore, relatively less portable.

It is easy to adjust– An inflatable dog collar comes with an adjustable strap that one can use to fit the collar correctly on the dog’s neck. This enhances comfortability and efficiency. On the other hand, a cone is rigid and cannot be adjusted, so you have to ensure you get the most accurate size for your dog.

It is easy to clean: The inflatable dog collar is soft and, therefore, easy to clean. A collar or cone needs to be clean when a dog recuperates from an injury or surgery. Thus, the easier it is to clean, the more convenient it is.


An inflatable collar is softer, making it very comfortable to wear. It also does not hinder the dog’s hearing or sight. Additionally, it offers enough flexibility for the dog to carry out its everyday activities like eating and sleeping, with minimal restrictions.

Furthermore, the inflatable collar is adjustable and can be altered to fit the dog perfectly, which enhances comfort even further.