Are Inflatables Allowed In Pools In Spain? (Hotel Pools)

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Most hotels in Spain do not allow inflatables in their pools, especially where there are no lifeguards or when the pool is small.

As it is, pools are already potentially dangerous.

Bringing inflatables into the pool only increases the safety risk. There have been instances where children get stuck underneath inflatables.

Therefore, many hotels and residences in Spain forbid people from bringing inflatables into the shared pools. If found, someone risks being banned from using the pool.

Also, local authorities may close the pool down, citing safety risks.

In the rare instances where inflatables are allowed, it is in situations where the pool is large, there are enough lifeguards, and there are not that many people in the pool.

Are Lilos Illegal in Spain?

There is not a specific law that stipulates that lilos are illegal in Spanish pools. Most rules to do with pools come from regional laws in various parts of the country.

Others are as a result of a statute drawn up by a community. Still, in most of these laws, it is illegal to bring lilos in community pools.

If you really want to use lilos or any other inflatable such as a blow-up chair or inflatable bed in a pool, it is best to do it in a private pool.

If you have a family pool in your backyard or have a private pool in your hotel, then it would probably be okay to bring your lilo and other inflatables.

As pool rules are not the same everywhere, it is imperative to consult with the concerned personnel before making a move. In most hotels, the pools have a rule-board at the poolside with a list of dos and don’ts.  

On that note, it is not unlikely to find community pools that allow lilos, although these are not easy to come by.

In most communities, the residents of a certain estate get together during annual AGMs to develop rules that will ensure a peaceful and satisfactory co-existence among residents.

It is during these meetings that pool-related rules are stipulated.

Why Inflatables Are Not Allowed in Pools in Spain

Most hotels and community pools do not let pool users bring lilos and other inflatables into the pool. The main reason is simply safety.

Secondly, inflatables take up a lot of space, especially when the pool is relatively small. They clog up the pool, making it hard for people who came to swim to maneuver around.

This can be frustrating in a shared pool, and guests in a hotel could even give bad reviews as a result. Therefore, hotels ensure that everyone has equal access to the pool by prohibiting inflatables.

Furthermore, bringing inflatables in pools comes with consequences to both the individuals and the community. If you bring a lilo in a hotel pool with a rule against it, you may face a ban from using the pool, and your inflatables may even be confiscated.

If people use inflatable items in a community pool, police may close down the pool for the rest of the summer. Furthermore, a resident who fails to adhere to the rules may get evicted for lack of cooperation.

If you have to use inflatable items, use them outside the pool. If you have a blow-up chair that you want to bring to the pool with you, it is best if you set it up at the poolside so you can lounge without necessarily bothering anyone.

Also, consider substituting inflatable items with conventional ones. For instance, instead of bringing an inflatable bed to the pool, grab a sunbed instead.

All in all, the best place to go use inflatable items is in the vastness of the ocean- it is unlikely that you will bother anyone or take too much space.

How Safe Is It to Use Lilos at Sea?

The sea is more spacious than a pool. There is enough room to use inflatables without bothering other people. However, open water is different from a pool.

It is riskier because of the tides and the constantly changing coastline. Therefore, you ought to observe more safety measures than you would in a pool.

For one, it is important to have a lifeguard around and follow their instructions, especially on the areas to avoid while in the water. Also, you should be aware of the winds, especially offshore winds, as they can easily carry you and your inflatable to dangerous territories.

  • Most beaches do not allow inflatables when the wind is too strong or blowing in the wrong direction.

More importantly, it is wise to have company when you go swimming and playing in the ocean. This way, you can help each other if something goes wrong.

All in all, while lilos and other inflatable items are allowed in the sea, it is essential to keep safe by observing all the safety measures.

Which Spanish Hotels Don’t Allow Lilos?

Many hotels in Spain do not allow lilos and inflatables in their pool area. Some of such hotels include the following:

MSH Mallorca Senses Hotel, Sansa Ponsa: This hotel is found on the southwest coast of Mallorca. It is adjacent to the glorious Playa de Santa Ponsa.

The Mallorca Senses Hotel has eight swimming pools, six of which are outdoor pools, and the other two are on the roofs of two of the hotel buildings. Guests are not allowed to bring lilos and inflatables into the pool for the safety and comfort of all guests.

Hotel Mediterraneo Benidorm: This 4-star hotel is located in Benidorm, Alicante, Spain. It is just opposite the famous Benidorm Palace.

The hotel has outdoor and indoor swimming pools for guests to enjoy. To enhance the experience, the hotel forbids lilos and inflatables in the pools.

Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort: The Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort is a 5-star luxury resort located in Playa Blanca- 7 kilometers from Pechiguera Lighthouse and 2 kilometers from Rubicon Marina.  

The resort has two outdoor pools that are accessible to all guests. Bringing inflatable items to the pool is against the policies of the hotel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t hotels in Spain allow inflatables in their pool?

Most hotels in Spain don’t let their guests bring inflatable items into the pool. Naturally, hotels intend for their guests to enjoy their stay maximumly so that they give good reviews and boost business.

This includes ensuring their safety and adequate access to the swimming pools. Inflatable items compromise both these things, and it only follows that the management will not allow guests to bring them into the pools.

Is there Spanish law that prohibits people from using inflatables in community pools?

There is not a law that particularly makes inflatable items illegal in the pool. However, different regions and communities in Spain make customized laws concerning the use of community pools.

Most of these laws render it illegal to bring inflatable items into shared pools, citing safety and clogging the pool as reasons.

Are there pools where inflatables are allowed?

For sure, there are hotels where it is okay to bring a lilo or a blow-up chair into the pool. Usually, these pools are relatively large and have enough lifeguards to overlook everything and ensure everyone is safe.

People with private pools in their homes also have the liberty to bring their inflatables into their pools. This is because, for one, they are not sharing the pool with anyone, so they really wouldn’t be inconveniencing anyone.

Final Words                            

Inflatables are largely prohibited in pools in Spain.

This is because they pose a safety hazard for pool users, especially children. On multiple occasions, children have gotten stuck beneath the inflatables.

Moreover, bringing inflatables into a shared pool limits access to people who actually want to swim, which can be discouraging.

Bringing inflatables in hotel pools or community pools where it is forbidden invites measures such as a ban from using the pool or the pool being shut down by local authorities.