Will A Dog Pop An Inflatable Paddle Board?

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Inflatable paddle boards can certainly be lots of fun when you’re at the beach. And, if you’re a dog owner like me, you might want to know if your canine chum can join in the fun on an inflatable paddle board. 

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We all know that most dogs love to paddle in the water, but can a dog sit on an inflatable paddle board? In this article, I’ll explore if (and how) you can use an inflatable paddle board with a dog.

So, are inflatable paddle boards dog friendly? And can a dog sit on an inflatable paddle board?

Can you put a dog on an inflatable paddle board?

You can put a dog on an inflatable paddle board. Inflatable paddle boards actually tend to be better suited to dogs than more solid boards that are made from harder materials, as dogs will find inflatable paddle boards easier to grip with their paws.

But maybe you’re still worried that your dog might puncture your inflatable paddle board. In fact, this is a perfectly reasonable thing to be concerned about. Especially when you take into account dogs’ tendencies to bite and claw at things.

Will a dog puncture an inflatable paddle board?

A dog probably won’t puncture an inflatable paddle board, but it can happen. You can make it less likely by checking your dog’s nails beforehand to make sure there are no sharp edges. It’s also advisable to use a paddle board that’s made from strong materials with your dog.

Dog on inflatable paddle board

While it’s highly unlikely, a dog could, in theory, puncture an inflatable paddle board. There are steps that can be taken to make the puncturing of your inflatable paddle board by your dog even less likely, if you’re still concerned about it happening.

Obviously, if your dog doesn’t particularly enjoy the water, then you probably shouldn’t put them on an inflatable paddle board. An upset dog is more likely to lash out, biting and scratching at your paddle board. Even then it’s rare for a dog to puncture it, but it might happen.

That said, I’m sure that, like me, you’re a caring, loving dog owner, so I very much doubt you’d be willing to subject your dog to an unpleasant experience! So, if your dog doesn’t enjoy the water, I expect you wouldn’t even consider putting your dog on an inflatable paddle board.

And in my experience, most dogs love the water, making it even less likely that they’d get upset enough to puncture your inflatable paddle board. But you know your dog best, so only you can truly judge if your dog will enjoy it.

relaxing with dog on inflatable paddle board

What Size Inflatable Paddle Board Should I Use with My Dog?

Size matters when it comes to paddleboarding with your dog, so don’t be tempted to skimp on the size of your inflatable paddle board just to save a few dollars.

To ensure that you and your dog both have enough room to enjoy the inflatable paddle board experience in comfort and safety, I’d recommend that you go for an inflatable paddle board that’s at least 11 feet in length.

That said, if you have a very small dog, you could go a little shorter, but for an average-sized or larger dog, I certainly wouldn’t go under 11 feet long.

Using an Inflatable Paddle Board with a Dog Safely

Of course, if you‘d like to use your inflatable paddle board with your dog, safety will be a high priority for you. With this in mind, I’d highly recommend a personal flotation device (PFD) for your dog.

A PFD is a lifejacket for your dog, which will protect your canine chum should the waters get a bit choppy. Even if your dog is a strong swimmer, I’d still strongly urge that they wear a PFD. 

After all, it’s better to be prepared for if the waters should take an unexpected turn for the worse! So a PFD for your dog should be considered essential when putting your dog on an inflatable paddle board.

A PFD for your dog needn’t be a costly purchase, but I’m sure there’s no price too high to ensure your dog’s safety, anyway! So why wouldn’t you spend that little extra to ensure that you keep your dog safe?

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Best Dog Safe Inflatable Paddle Board

The stylish Blue Water Toys Paw Paddler certainly isn’t the cheapest inflatable paddle board on the market, but it’s definitely the very best dog-safe and dog-friendly inflatable paddle board you’ll find on sale anywhere, making it the only choice for my “Best Dog Safe Inflatable Paddle Board.”

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Not only does this colorful inflatable paddling board look great, but it’s been designed especially for use with pets, making it the best inflatable paddling board for dogs. What makes this inflatable paddle board really special and especially suitable for dogs is its designated “pet area”.

The Blue Water Toys Paw Paddler’s designated “pet area” is extra-durable and padded to stop your pooch from puncturing it with its teeth or nails, making it one of the safest and most durable inflatable paddle boards on the market.

I do appreciate that this inflatable paddle board is towards the higher end of the inflatable paddle board price range, but if you’re looking for one specifically to use with your dog, I really do think it’s worth the additional investment.

To Sum Up…

So, can a dog sit on an inflatable paddleboard? Yes! And it’s unlikely that they’ll puncture it too. Inflatable paddle boards tend to be made from tough, durable materials.

Inflatable paddle boards are dog friendly. But it’s possible for dogs to puncture inflatable paddle boards by biting or clawing, so do try to find a dog safe inflatable paddle board, such as the BlueWater Toys Paw Paddler, as this will definitely minimize the risk of your dog puncturing your inflatable paddle board.

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