How Long Can You Leave Water in an Inflatable Pool?

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Just like regular swimming pools, there are several ways you can maintain your inflatable pool’s water so that you don’t have to drain and refill it every time you use it.

Almost all inflatable pool owners ask this question: how long can you leave water in an inflatable pool? This is what we’re here to address. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how long you can leave water in an inflatable pool and what you can do to keep it in the pool longer. Stick around!

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How Long Can You Leave Water in an Inflatable Pool?

This common question can be divided into two questions: 

  • How long can water sit with chlorine? 
  • How long can it sit without chlorine?

Without any chlorine, you should not leave water in an inflatable pool for more than a couple of days as bacteria will start to grow, making the pool unsafe. With the addition of chlorine, your pool water will last for several weeks without any issues.

With Chlorine

Not everyone knows this, but you can add chlorine to an inflatable pool, no matter the size of the pool.

Adding chlorine to your inflatable pool is a great way to save water and time, as chlorine allows the water to sit for about 2 weeks at a minimum.

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Chlorine will kill bacteria in your pool through a simple chemical reaction. However, having too much chlorine can cause eye and skin irritation and could strip natural oils present in hair. This is why it’s recommended to have some sort of chlorine testers handy.

You can always go overboard and hook your pool to an electronic chlorine sensor for maximum pool safety.

Without Chlorine

You can leave water in your inflatable pool for about 24 to 48 hours without chlorine and it would be safe. If you’re dealing with a kiddie inflatable pool that doesn’t hold that much water, it’s best to dump the water after every use.

This leads us to a big question: what happens if you leave non-chlorinated water for more than 48 hours?

If you let the water sit any longer than 48 hours, the water becomes stagnant and bacteria start to grow in the water, rendering it unsafe for swimming. 

What to Do to Keep the Water Longer in an Inflatable Pool?

If you’re looking for ways to safely keep the water in your pool for longer, we’ve got you covered! Here are some of the most effective methods you can resort to:

1. Pool Leaf Net

The first item you need to invest in if you’re looking to maximize the use of pool water is a leaf net. Leaf nets are available in different sizes to fit different pools and preferences. 

Whether or not you’re using the pool, dust particles, debris, leaves, pollen, or even bugs tend to fall into the pool. Some float on the surface while other debris may fall to the bottom.

Pool nets do a great job of easily scooping all the debris from the pool to maintain a safer and cleaner pool. When dealing with an inflatable kiddie pool or small paddling pool, be sure to opt for a smaller net. 

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2. Pool Vacuum

A pool vacuum is very helpful when it comes to removing larger amounts of debris or cleaning places a leaf net can’t reach or tackle.

It’s also much faster – this is something you’ll certainly want to consider if you have a larger inflatable swimming pool. You can attach the vacuum cleaner to a pole to reach the bottom of deeper pools with ease.

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3. Pool Cover

You’ve finally scooped all the leaves from your pool and vacuumed the pool; why not keep up the good work by throwing a pool cover on top of your pool?

Pool covers don’t just protect your pool from leaves or bugs; they also stop wandering animals from messing with your pool’s water. 

Additionally, pool covers do a great job of reducing water evaporation during hot summer days. That’s another way to save water.

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4. Pool Filter

Pool filters are another excellent way to let water sit longer in your pool and keep it clean. Pool filters help circulate the water inside the pool. This prevents the water from becoming stagnant. In turn, it minimizes the growth of bacteria. 

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Works with various pools

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5. Chlorine Floater

If you’re looking to maintain a consistent chlorine level in your swimming pool, a chlorine floater is your go-to. 

These floaters have compartments to hold 3-inch chlorine tablets. They help maintain the level of chlorine in the water so you can just put it in and forget about it for a while.

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Easy flow control

Designed to last for several years

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To Sum Up

Leaving water in your inflatable pool is easy. Maintaining the sitting water is the tricky part. If you leave unchlorinated water in your inflatable pool, it’ll be fine for just a couple of days, but not any longer since bacteria will start building up in your stagnant pool’s water.

Luckily, there are quite a few methods for keeping inflatable pool water clean for longer.

Firstly, you need to regularly scoop the pool with a net to remove debris. If that doesn’t do the job, a pool vacuum will certainly do. To retain your hard work, throw a cover on top of the pool.

To go the extra mile, hook up a pool filter to maintain water circulation. Finally, top it all off with a chlorine floater to maintain the chlorine level in the pool. 

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