Can You Spray Paint An Inflatable?

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Inflatables are made with materials such as PVC, Hypalon, rubber, and vinyl. These materials tend to weather with years of use but can be painted to look brand new again. The painting could be using paintbrushes or a spray gun.

There are numerous paint brands in the market for both top and bottom paints for inflatables.

It is important to do your research so that you pick the right paint for your inflatable, as paints tend to be fabric-specific. Read on to learn how to paint inflatable items effectively.

How To Paint An Inflatable Item?

If you are planning on painting your inflatable item, you want to do it effectively. Fortunately, painting inflatables is no rocket science and can be pretty simple if you know what you are doing.

One of the things that you ought to consider is the best time and place to do the painting.

Normally, a warm and sunny day is the most preferable because the paint will dry faster. You will want to steer clear of rainy days because there is a high likelihood that rainwater will wash away the paint before it dries up.

Painting can take place both in the outdoors or indoors, as per the resources you have. The indoors are preferable because the environment is more controlled.

If you have a spacious garage or an equivalent of it, it would be a perfect venue. Ensure that the room is well-ventilated.

Before you begin your painting activities, examine the type of material on your inflatable so that you choose the most suitable paint. If you are not so sure, consult the manufacturer.

Also, ensure you have all the materials you would require, such as a paintbrush or a spray gun, eye protectors, and gloves.

Once you start painting, ensure you follow the directions provided by the manufacturer of the paint.

These instructions guide on how many coats of paint to apply, how long you should let the item sit for after painting it, and the type of material suited for certain paints.

On finishing the paint job, let the inflatable item dry. Do not use it until the paint is completely dry to avoid messing it up.

Why Do People Paint Their Inflatables?

One reason people paint their inflatables is to satisfy their personal color and design preferences. That is, if the inflatable comes in a color they don’t particularly like, they paint on it with a color they resonate with better.

People also paint inflatables to customize them according to personal style. This may include adding patterns or wordings that go with the personality of the owner.

Just like with many other items, inflatables fade and start looking old after being used for a while.

If they are still in good working condition, it will make little financial sense to replace them with new ones. Thus, the owner will resolve to paint it so that it looks brand new.

Can You Paint an Inflatable Boat?

Inflatable boats start to look weathered and faded when used over a long period. To remedy this, you can paint inflatables to make them look beautiful again.

A successful paint job is whereby one knows how to paint and uses the right kind of paint for the job.

Most inflatable boats are made of PVC, Hypalon, and vinyl materials. PVC and Hypalon are the easiest to paint because most paints work well with the materials. Polyvinyl is comparatively difficult to deal with because it is thin and does not accept paint very well.

It tends to crack and peel as one uses the inflatable boat. For these reasons, it requires more specialized paint.

If you use your inflatable boat often, that means that it stays in the water for long hours. To protect the boat from getting affected by this exposure, you may want to apply water-based antifouling such as Monterey Sea Hawk.

Antifouling provides a flexible and durable coating that will not let up or crack as the boat is deflated or during storage.

The process of painting an inflatable boat is the same as with other inflatable items.

You have to identify the best paint to use, get a suitable location with enough ventilation, paint the boat using a paintbrush or spray gun, and leave it to dry.

What Should You Look Out for When Buying Best Paint for Your Inflatable?

As we have already established, there are numerous brands of paints in the market. Different paints do well with different types and sizes of inflatables.

Therefore, it is essential to be particular about the type of paint you use on your inflatable if you anticipate excellent results. Some of the factors you should put into consideration include:

The material of your inflatable: Different paints work for different materials. For instance, paints made for PVC may not work for vinyl inflatables.

If you are not certain of the best paint for your inflatable fabric, it is wise to consult the manufacturer.

The size of your inflatable: Small inflatables require less paint than larger inflatables due to the surface area to volume ratio.

While normal-sized paints will suffice for the smaller inflatables, it is more efficient to get commercial-sized paints for the giant inflatables, as they will cover a bigger area.

The Price of the paints: Some paints can be pretty pricey. Before you splash your money on paint, conduct a cost-benefit analysis to determine whether spending all that money will be beneficial to you. At times, it is more economical to purchase a new inflatable than do a paint job.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of painting an inflatable?

Inflatable items tend to weather off after a while due to frequent use and the harsh effects of UV exposure. While proper care puts them in good condition for longer, ultimately, they will look worn out.

A paint job salvages the situation and gets the inflatable looking brand new. Moreover, painting allows inflatable owners to change the outlook of their inflatable items into anything they like in terms of color, images, or words.

Can you paint a PVC inflatable boat?

Yes, you can paint an inflatable boat. Only ensure that you get paint that agrees with PVC material. If you use paint that is not meant for PVC material, it will not stick well on the fabric and may end up cracking and flaking.

How to use Hypalon paint?

Hypalon paint is meant for Hypalon PU and rubber materials. It is not recommended for PVC. This paint does not require mixing. To get started, use a brush to apply the paint on the inflatable.

Alternatively, you can use a spray gun. For best results, you ought to apply two coats of this painting on the inflatable product. Also, it has a smooth satin finish that prevents cracking or flaking of the paint.

Would the paint crack and peel due to inflation and deflation?

This will depend on whether you have chosen the right kind of paint for the inflatable fabric you have. Good quality inflatables that have a smooth finish will not crack and flake off during inflation and deflation. It also helps to give the inflatable enough time to dry after applying paint.

Final Words

You can spray paint inflatables to enhance their general outlook or change their appearance to suit your personal taste. There are numerous brands of paints in the market, giving you adequate choices depending on the size and fabric of your inflatable.

The process of painting inflatables is quite straightforward. However, it is advisable to seek professional help if you are not absolutely sure about what to do. Applying paint wrongly may affect the quality and longevity of the inflatable.