Will A Dog Pop An Inflatable Pool?

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Many inflatable pools are made from hard-wearing materials. But it can still be possible for dogs to pop them. You can minimize the risk of this by making sure your dog’s nails have been cut. Another way to protect your pool is to cover it when it’s not in use.

So, will a dog tear an inflatable pool?

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It’s definitely possible for a dog to pop or tear an inflatable pool, either by biting it or clawing at it, which is why I advise trimming your dog’s nails before letting them use your inflatable pool.

However, as I’ll explain, there are several easy ways to minimize the risk of your dog popping your inflatable pool, either by being careful about which pool you buy, or by simply keeping your dog away from your inflatable pool. 

How To Keep A Dog Away From An Inflatable Pool

If you’re sitting there worrying about “how to protect my inflatable pool from my dog”, I can help. If you simply want to keep your dog away from your inflatable pool there are several options I’d recommend… 

One option that works well, but that perhaps isn’t the most attractive, is to erect a small fence around your inflatable pool. Just be sure the fence is tall enough to prevent your dog from jumping over it, otherwise, it’s pointless!

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You could choose to either keep your dog inside the fenced area, or place your pool inside the fenced area if you don’t really like the idea of restricting the freedom of your canine chum too much in your yard.

To protect your inflatable pool from your dog when it isn’t in use, you could decide to empty the pool and store it deflated indoors, or in your shed or garage. Alternatively, you could leave your pool in your yard and cover it with tarp.

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Another method is to mark a visible boundary around your inflatable pool using tape or something similar, then train your dog to not cross the boundary. Good luck with that one! I doubt my dog would ever be so obedient, especially when the temptation of water is mere inches away.

Perhaps this one goes without saying, but just in case: ensure that there aren’t any steps or ramps leading up to your inflatable pool, as the absence of these will make it harder for your dog to access your pool. 

Can A Dog Use An Inflatable Pool?

Yes, a dog can use an inflatable pool, if the pool is a dog-proof inflatable pool made from strong materials, such as hard-wearing plastic, and the dog’s nails have been cut. Dogs must be closely supervised in the pool. Also, smaller breeds are less likely to damage inflatable pools.

Of course, most dogs love a good paddle and splash around in the water, so your dog is likely to want to join in the fun in your inflatable pool. Or perhaps you’ve bought one specifically to use as an inflatable dog pool.

So, if you’d prefer not to keep your dog away from your inflatable pool, the good news is that the answer to the question “Can a dog go in an inflatable pool?” is a cautious “yes”.

But it depends not only on the pool but also on the dog.

An inflatable pool made of hard-wearing plastic is recommended for use as an inflatable dog pool. What’s more, inflatable pools are generally better for smaller dogs – larger dogs often don’t fit! But there are inflatable pools made with dog use in mind.

Beautiful brown dog standing in the water of an inflatable pool

Best Dog-Proof Inflatable Pool

When deciding on what’s the best dog-proof inflatable pool, I took several criteria into consideration. The most important thing for me is definitely the material it’s made from, so I was looking for a hard-wearing material that can’t easily be torn.

Portability was also a factor, as the easier an inflatable pool is to move, the easier it is to store safely. I also didn’t want to spend more than $50 on an inflatable dog pool! Luckily, there’s a good inflatable dog pool that meets all my criteria and then some.

That’s why my favorite dog-proof inflatable pool is the Niubya Foldable Dog Pool. It’s an inflatable dog pool that’s made of durable PVC. It’s foldable making it easy to store and carry. It’s suitable for outdoor and indoor use, and it’s ideal for kids and dogs, even for cats! 

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To Sum Up…

So, then, if you’ve been asking yourself whether a dog will destroy your inflatable pool, the honest answer is that they might. However, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case! 

You could even get a dog-proof inflatable pool if you don’t want your pooch to miss out on the backyard fun.

Alternatively, you might decide that your dog can be a little too quick to bite and claw. But as I’ve explained, there are simple ways to keep your dog away from your inflatable pool instead.

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