How To Get Wrinkles Out of An Inflatable Costume

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No matter what the occasion, inflatable costumes offer a great-looking way to dress up. Inflatable costumes are perfect for seasonal celebrations, costume parties and just for kids to have fun with! We certainly love inflatable costumes in my family, but we definitely don’t love the inevitable wrinkles when they deflate!

Don’t worry, I can tell you how to get wrinkles out of your inflatable costume, making it as good as new and good to go again, saving you money on buying new costumes!

Inflatable unicorn costume

1. Just Inflate It!

I know, it almost sounds too easy to be true, doesn’t it? But do bear in mind, sometimes the wrinkles in an inflatable costume simply disappear upon inflation, as the material the costume is made from will stretch out when it’s inflated.

Try this method first, as it’s the safest method of all, and you may decide that there’s no need to get the wrinkles out of your inflatable costume after all. But if this doesn’t work for you, all the methods I’m about to describe are sure to provide good results!

inflatable costume with wrinkes

2. Hang the Costume in the Bathroom While You Take A Hot Shower

The hot shower method is simplicity itself! Simply hang your inflatable costume up in the bathroom then take your hot shower. The steam will smooth those wrinkles right out of your costume! Even better, this method won’t use any extra electricity, because you’ll be using the shower anyway (I hope!)

The tried and tested hot shower steaming method is a godsend to those of us who can’t stand ironing clothes, and the great news is it works a treat for inflatable costumes too, and it’s safe to do it no matter what material your inflatable costume is made out of!

Shower with flowing water and steam

3. Use a hairdryer

To use this method, be sure to set your hairdryer on a  low heat setting to avoid melting or burning your costume.

Pull your costume taut, so that the wrinkles are straightened out, then gently blow the costume with your hairdryer, and hey presto! A wrinkle-free costume could be yours!

4. Use A Garment Steamer

The disadvantage of this method is buying new equipment (if you don’t already own a garment steamer!) However, garment steamers are probably the most effective way of getting wrinkles out of an inflatable costume. If you have more than one costume to straighten out, it could be a wise investment.

Not only are garment steamers incredibly effective at removing wrinkles from inflatable costumes, but they’re also safe to use on all materials.

As you’d expect, Amazon has several to choose from, with a wide range of options for under $50 from smaller, portable handheld models to full-size professional garment steamers.

Portable Handheld Steamer
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5. Iron the Wrinkles Out

Ironing your inflatable costumes requires considerable care! Be careful not to burn a hole in your inflatable costume!

Never place the iron directly on the costume, especially if it’s made from vinyl or polyester, or other materials that melt easily, Nylon is fairly safe to use with this method, however.

If you choose the ironing method, be sure to turn the costume inside out before you iron it,  and to avoid directly ironing your inflatable costume,  place a damp washcloth between the costume and the iron, then iron the wrinkles out of your inflatable costume on a low heat.

To Sum Up…

I hope one of these methods will help keep your inflatable costumes wrinkle-free. If inflating your costume doesn’t smooth out the wrinkles, I’d try the shower method first because it’s safe and easy. If that doesn’t give you the results you want, the hairdryer method is worth trying next.

I’m slightly wary about the ironing method, as I know it can produce good results, but you have to be very careful not to ruin your costume. If you don’t mind spending a few bucks, a garment steamer may be the option for you. Here’s to many years of wrinkle-free fun with your inflatable costumes!

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