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Inflatable costumes are great fun. They’re impossible to dislike, since they’re oversized and tend to wobble all over the place. You can’t help but laugh at someone wearing one. And one of the most popular is the inflatable dinosaur.

While they can be used for Halloween, often people enjoy wearing these costumes for all kinds of events. They’re great for kids’ parties, or even to liven up a dull corporate get-together if your business has a sense of humor. Or you can use them for pranking people, provided you aren’t too mean chasing them.

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With this guide, you can learn everything you need to know about inflatable dinosaur costumes.

How An Inflatable Dinosaur Suit Works

Inflatable dinosaur costumes work using a battery-operated fan. Once you’re in the costume, switch the fan on and it’ll start blowing air into the costume to keep it fully inflated.

An inflatable dinosaur costume might appear heavy, just because of how big it is, but they’re actually really light due to the thin materials used to make them.

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How To Put On An Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

To put on an inflatable dinosaur costume, just lay it flat and remove your shoes. Step into the legs and then close the costume, normally using a zip, putting your arms into the arm-holes. It’ll sag on you, but then switch on the fan and it will inflate. Adjust it if you can’t see through the mouth.

They’re a little bit cumbersome, but not too difficult to put on or take off. You’ll just want to make sure you’ve got enough space because the costume will inflate to a decent size.

In terms of how to wear an inflatable dinosaur costume, despite being inflated they will still follow your movements, so you can run and bounce along with few problems. Just remember that the costume is bigger than you normally are – accidents are likely to happen!

Who Can Wear Inflatable Dinosaur Costume and on What Occasions?

Inflatable dinosaur costumes are made in different sizes for kids and adults, so anyone can wear them as long as you buy the right size. Bear in mind that the inflated suit will normally be around a foot taller than the person wearing it.

They’re great fun for all kinds of parties, so don’t let me limit your imagination. Maybe there are some more formal events you should avoid wearing them at, but for any kind of birthdays, anniversaries, or any social gathering, an inflatable dinosaur makes for a lot of fun (and havoc).

Are Inflatable Dinosaur Costumes Hot?

Despite being made from a thin material, and the fact that a fan is constantly blowing air inside, inflatable dinosaur costumes will get hot and uncomfortable to wear after a short while. Take breaks and drink water to stay hydrated.

Part of the problem is that, once you’ve put an inflatable dinosaur costume on, you can’t resist running or bouncing around. Regular walking just doesn’t seem to fit. So with the heat inside the costume, and the extra exercise, you’ll soon be sweating.

Make sure you don’t try to push things too far. It’s always better to take the costume off, even just unzipping the top half, to cool off for a few minutes. Then you can get back into character.

Can You Sit Down In An Inflatable Dinosaur Costume?

You can sit down while you’re wearing an inflatable dinosaur costume, but it will spoil the look a little bit as it gets flattened. If your costume has a tail then it might flatten that, or you may find it awkward to get comfortable.

Still, taking a short seated break is a good idea since it will help you to cool down a little. And it will look hilarious to anyone who sees you.

Can You Wash Inflatable Dinosaur Costumes?

You can wash inflatable dinosaur costumes. Just make sure you’ve removed the fan and battery pack (they are removable). Hand-wash them only, and don’t scrub them. Soak them gently in a mild detergent and rinse them.

If someone spills something onto the outside of the costume, the material should wipe clean, so just a wet wipe or a soft sponge. This is particularly useful if you’ve got a little bit excited and accidentally tripped into someone holding a drink or an ice cream.

How Do You Inflate An Inflatable Dinosaur Costume?

To inflate an inflatable dinosaur costume, you’ll use the built-in fan powered by batteries. Wait until you’ve zipped up the costume and switch on the fan. This will start inflating the costume until it is full.

Air will escape – these costumes aren’t meant to be completely air-tight. But if you don’t wait until you’ve zipped the costume up, then it’s never going to inflate as the air will just completely escape.

How Long Do The Batteries Last In An Inflatable Dinosaur Costume?

Inflatable dinosaur costumes use a small fan to inflate which runs on two AA batteries. Fully charged, these batteries will normally last for 2-4 hours, although this will vary depending on the individual costume.

You’re unlikely to want to wear the costume for longer than this because it will get very hot. However, it does mean that each time you want to wear the inflatable dinosaur costume you may need new batteries – or at least to have bought rechargeable ones that you’ve since charged up.

How Tall Is an Inflatable Dinosaur Costume?

You can buy inflatable dinosaur costumes in different sizes. They are normally around one foot taller than the wearer, meaning that the typical largest costumes are about 7 feet tall.

This can lead to some pretty funny moments if you try to go through a doorway. You won’t get knocked over, since the head is soft and flexible, but the head will be bent backwards.

What Inflatable Dinosaur Costumes Are There?

The overwhelming majority of inflatable dinosaur costumes that you can buy are of a T-Rex. You may be able to find some others, including a triceratops, a diplodocus or a ride-on velociraptor but these are a lot less common.

The diplodocus costumes that are available tend to be designed for children or shorter adults – otherwise they would need to be around 8-feet tall and wouldn’t fit in most rooms.

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Where To Buy An Inflatable Dinosaur Costume?

You can buy inflatable dinosaur costumes at local party stores, or find them online – Amazon has a good range. Make sure you read product reviews, and ideally check those that have customer photos attached.

When it comes to fancy dress costumes, sellers are often guilty of using false photos as a guide, but then sending a costume that’s lower quality. If you buy one that has a customer’s real photos attached, you can see what it will actually look like.

Or, buy one in a store if you can – then you can see it in person.

Of course, you may prefer to rent a costume instead, if you have a local store near you offering costume rental. But don’t be surprised if you have so much fun that you want to keep it.

How Much Does An Inflatable Dinosaur Costume Cost?

Depending on the size and quality, an inflatable dinosaur costume will cost you between $20 and $60 on average. The better quality ones are normally in the $50-60 bracket and will last longer, plus they’ll inflate faster.

Some inflatable dinosaur costumes also come with a battery-powered soundbox that roars. Expect these to add around $10 to the cost of the costume.

Why Buying Inflatable Dinosaur Costumes Is Worth It

Inflatable dinosaur costumes are a huge amount of fun, and buying one to own is a great way of livening up any boring day, especially if you’re a parent.

They’re really easy to slip into, and they only need a couple of AA batteries to work. If you buy rechargeable batteries then the costume can be ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Ultimately, the only reason you need to buy an inflatable dinosaur costume is just how funny they are.

Setbacks of an Inflatable Dinosaur Suit

There are only two real downsides to an inflatable dinosaur costume. Firstly is the heat – they do get very warm inside, and you may need to take regular breaks.

But the second drawback is that it’s quite hard to stay hydrated without removing the costume. Unfortunately, you’re stuck with the same affliction of real T-Rex dinosaurs – little arms that can’t reach the head, where your face will be.

So while they are fun in short bursts, you’ll need to take regular breaks to refuel and rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Dinosaur Costumes Last?

Dinosaur costumes can normally stay inflated for 2-4 hours on a single set of AA batteries. In terms of overall durability, the costumes can last for many years if they are properly cared for – including any punctures fixed quickly, and if they are hand-washed only.

Can I Customize Inflatable Dinosaur Costumes?

Most inflatable dinosaur costumes are imported from abroad and so can’t be customized. They come as they are. You might be able to find a costume manufacturer who can make you one specific to your designs, but expect to pay a high price.

Final Thoughts

Inflatable dinosaur costumes may be both frightening and hilarious, depending on your audience. One thing you can guarantee is that they will always grab people’s attention.

Now that you know everything you need to, you can buy your own and have a roar-some time at your next party – whether it is meant to be fancy dress or not.

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