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Are you having trouble choosing the best Kong cloud collar for your furry buddy? It is an understandable problem as there are many options to choose from. In this article, we have put together a guide to make the process a tad easier for you.

Dogs, just like other animals, are susceptible to injuries. They also undergo surgeries due to certain conditions.

The Kong collar helps with the recovery process by preventing the dog from scratching and licking the wounds.

What Factors Should You Consider Before You Shop for The Best Kong Cloud Collar?

As you go shopping for the Kong Cloud collar, or any other collar for that matter, there are factors that you ought to keep in mind. They include the following:


The size of the collar should be directly proportional to the size of your dog. If your furry buddy is tiny, then you should get a small collar. In the same way, you should go for a large or extra-large collar if your pet is enormous.


You want to buy a good quality collar that will be completely functional. A low-quality collar is a huge risk as the dog may easily get past it and get to the wounds. Also, it will wear and tear really fast.


As your pet is already experiencing great discomfort post-surgery, you want to ensure he gets as comfortable as possible. Therefore, you ought to see that the collar is comfortable for him and does not interfere with his regular activities such as eating, sleeping, and playing.


Does the collar serve its purpose effectively? A fully functional collar is one that ensures that the recovering pet does not access the wounded area under whatever circumstances.


Kong Cloud collars come in different colors, all of them bright and visible. The choice of color should depend on your personal preference.


Just how easy is it to keep the collar in good condition? Is it machine-washable? Is it hand-washable? Is it resistant to bites and scratches by the dog? It is best to go for a collar that will not give you a hard time keeping it clean and in perfect condition.

Features of the Kong Cloud Collar

All the better to have features of the Kong Cloud Collar:

It Has a Smart Design

The Kong Cloud collar is designed in such a way that it does not block your dog’s vision. Also, the pet will be able to carry out normal activities such as eating, sleeping, and playing with minimal distraction.

It Is Comfortable

The outer cloth of the collar is made with soft material that does not harm your pet’s skin. Also, as the collar is inflatable, it is lightweight enough for your dog to walk around without feeling burdened. Moreover, it holds the dog’s neck in position during naptime, enhancing the quality of your pet’s sleep as a result.

It Comes in Four Different Sizes

To ensure that you get the best fit for your pet, this inflatable recovery collar comes in four different sizes, ranging from small to extra-large. It is easy to pick the wrong size if you are not extra careful. Therefore, it helps to measure the circumference of your dog’s head and neck to determine the best fit.

It Is Adjustable

The Kong cloud collar comes with an adjustable strap to secure it in place on the recovering pet’s neck. With the adjustable strap, you will be able to provide space allowance between the neck and the collar so that your pet can breathe properly.

Also, the strap ensures the collar is a great fit for small, medium, or large pets. Remember to move the strap to the back of the pet’s back to avoid the dog biting or chewing on it.

It Is Easy to Use

This inflatable recovery dog collar is pretty straightforward to use. You have to ensure that it is fully inflated before inserting it onto your pet through the collar’s inner loops. To inflate it, pinch the root of the valve, and with the crevice inside, blow deep into the valve. You should stop blowing when it feels full and not hard.

It Is Easy to Store

As it is an inflatable product, you can deflate it when not in use. You only need to open the valve and release all the air inside. Once deflated, you can fold it and store it in a small space, such as a drawer or a shelf. Also, it has a zipper on one side through which you can remove the inflatable part and wash the outer cloth.

It Is Scratch and Bite Resistant

The Kong cloud collar is made with tough material that does not rip or tear easily.  This applies to both the outer cloth and the inflatable part. The former is usually made with strong cotton material and the latter with sturdy PVC material.

As a dog owner, you know how much dogs love biting on things. So, you can be sure that they will try biting the collar. Thankfully, the collar will not succumb to the bites and wear away.

It is Functional

The primary purpose of the inflatable collar is to prevent your pet from accessing wounded parts caused by injuries, surgery, or rashes. If your furry buddy accesses the wounds, it will lick and scratch them, extending the recovery period. This will prolong the pet’s agony. Fortunately, the Kong cloud collar does an astounding job in preventing this from happening. Thus, it is fully functional – it gets the job done.

It Is Machine Washable          

It is easy to keep the collar clean at all times because the outer cloth is easily washable. Not only is it machine-washable, but you can also wash it manually with your hands. Normally, the cover cloth is made with soft materials such as cotton. It is essential to refer to the product description before washing so that you do it the right way.

It Comes with Amazing After-Sale Services

Kong offers excellent after-sale services such as a warranty and refundability if the collar does not perform to standard. On top of what a standard warranty entails, the Kong warranty goes the extra mile to offer a replacement collar if your pup chews through the strap or bites the inflatable causing it to deflate. They also replace the collar if the size does not fit.

In addition, you can contact the company any time you have questions concerning the use of the collar. They guide you all through, which is more than can be said about other inflatable collar brands.

Check out this Youtube Video On Kong Dog Collars

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a dog sleep with the Kong cloud collar?

Absolutely. The inflatable recovery collar is designed in such a way that it does not interfere with the everyday activities of your wounded pet, including sleeping. Furthermore, it is soft and comfortable, and it can be argued that it enhances your pet’s quality of sleep. Therefore, you should not be worried that your dog will not sleep well with the collar.

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What is the best size of collar to buy?

The Kong cloud collar comes in four different sizes to ensure that you get the perfect fit for your pet. These sizes range from small to extra-large. If your dog is tiny, then you should go for the small size. If the furry buddy is huge, then you should get the large or extra-large size.

Also, the collar comes with an adjustable buckle strap to secure the collar properly on the pet’s neck. Once you have adjusted the collar to the perfect fit, remember to tuck the straps in such a way that the dog can’t bite or chew on them.

Is the collar machine washable?

Yes, the outer cloth that covers the inflatable part is made with material that is easy to clean, either using a machine or hands. Often, the material is either cotton or satin. It is important to keep the collar clean at all times, so it is essential that you wash the cloth as often as possible. It helps to have extra outer clothes that you can keep interchanging during the period your wounded pet needs to wear the collar.

What factors should you consider before buying the Kong Cloud collar?

There are several factors that you should put into consideration before you settle for a collar. One of the most vital factors is comfort. Your pet should be as comfortable as possible during the recovery period. Other factors include quality, functionality, size, adjustability, ease of use, affordability, and after-sale services.


Kong is a company that plays an important role in the lives of dogs all over the world. It manufactures products that enhance the lives of the furry pets. Apart from inflatable collars, Kong also deals in toys, leashes, and treats. They are committed to enriching the life of your pet.

Choosing the perfect Kong cloud collar to buy for your wounded pet can be a daunting task due to the various options in the market. It is essential to do your due diligence before embarking on the buying process. Factors that you should consider before getting a Kong cloud collar include the size, price, comfort, ease of use, whether or not it is washable.

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