What To Put Under An Inflatable Lay-Z Spa

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An inflatable Lay-Z spa is made with a strong, durable material called DuraPlus, which consists of three layers of polyester mesh and PVC. This material is mostly puncture-resistant and is strong enough to bear the weight of two to four people relaxing in the spa.

But, it is always a good idea to put something underneath your inflatable Lay-Z spa to protect it from abrasions and punctures.

what put under Lazy Spa

Whether you put the lazy spa on concrete, grass or decking, you should always put something under it. But what? Read on to find out.

The Best Things To Put Under an Inflatable Lay-Z Spa

1. Hot Tub Base Tiles

Hot tub base tiles provide an even and safe base to install an inflatable Lay-Z Spa. They are extremely easy to lay and strong enough to hold the tub without cracking below the weight. These tiles come with interlocking pegs that have non-slip qualities to ensure the tub stays put when you are in it.

To install the tile, you should start by creating a level and strong sub-base such as a layer of gravel. This layer should be able to support the tiles without sinking. When the sub-base is all ready, lay a sheet, also known as a membrane, to prepare for the installation of the tiles.

When laying the lazy spa base tiles, lay the first one on one end and attach it to the next tile using the interlocking pegs. Repeat the process until you have installed all the tiles. You can choose to spread a mat before inflating the lay-z spa on top of the base tiles.

Be sure to measure the circumference of the lazy spa so that you can determine how many tiles you would need to accommodate it and leave ample space around it.

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2. Hot Tub Floor Protector Mat

A hot tub floor protector is perfect to put under your inflatable Lay-Z spa, especially if the spa is on a slabbed patio. For one, this floor protector is designed to protect the spa from getting punctures caused by contact with sharp debris, spikes, nails, or stones.

Secondly, the hot-tub floor protector acts as an insulator, which means that the warm water in your spa will not lose heat. The protector creates a barrier between the bottom of the spa and the cold floor, keeping your water warm for longer. This helps with reducing the cost of electricity.

This floor protector is made of a soft felt, which is comfortable to walk over. So, even if you opt for the hot tub base tiles above, you should probably also get a floor protector mat to keep your feet comfortable.

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3. Plastic Base Pad

If you intend to place your inflatable Lay-Z Spa on concrete, then a solid plastic foundation pad is one of the best things to put underneath. These are traditionally used underneath solid hot tubs, so placing one underneath an inflatable Lay-Z Spa could be overkill.

These base plates are very much a permanent solution, which means that they’ll have to stay down, even if you pack up your tub for a few months. Unlike the base tiles, which can be stacked neatly in your garage.

Although they can be expensive, one of the major advantages of the pads is that they are extremely tough and, therefore, are impervious to pests and plant growth.

Just ensure that you pick the perfect size for your Lay-z Spa by measuring the size of the inflatable tub before making a purchase. The pads cannot be cut to size.

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4. Foam Sheet

This foam roll is made of polyurethane and polystyrene, making it easy to cut and shapefor your inflatable lazy spa.

Not only does the foam provide a suitable base for your spa, but it also acts as an insulator to prevent your spa from losing heat easily. It’s firm in a way that the inflatable Lay-Z Spa remains stable when placed above it.

However, the problem with this foam is that it’s pretty thin, so doesn’t offer much protection to your inflatable hot tub. For that reason, it’s most commonly used with hard-sided pools and Jacuzzis.

5. Carpet Padding

If you happen to have some carpet padding or underlay hanging around, then you could use it underneath your inflatable Lay-Z Spa.

There are two types of padding in the market: the traditional felt carpet padding and the modern closed-cell foam carpet padding. The modern carpet padding is usually marketed as a ‘memory foam’ pad. The padding is made with material that is easy to cut and shape in the most appropriate shape and size.

However, one problem with placing carpet padding under your hot tub this it’s not waterproof and isn’t designed to get wet. It will soak up all of the water that splashes over the size and over time it’s like to become moldy, slimy and eventually, smelly.

Carpet padding could be a good short-term solution if you have some that you don’t need. But I wouldn’t advise buying it for the purpose of placing underneath your blow-up hot tub.

What’s the best thing to put underneath an inflatable Lazy-Spa?

The best thing to put underneath an inflatable Lay-Z Spa is a set of interlocking hot tub base tiles, with a thermal floor protector mat on top. This will protect your spa from punctures or damage as well as keeping it warmer while conserving energy.

This solution works for Lay-Z Spas placed on all kinds of surfaces including real or artificial grass, sharp gravel, rough concrete and wooden decking, whether outdoors or inside. It’s a cost-effective way to protect your inflatable hot tub and the ground beneath.

Do you need a floor protector for a Lay-Z Spa?

The importance of a floor protector for your Lay-Z Spa depends on the surface you’re placing it onto. If you’re placing it into very smooth concrete or artificial grass, then a floor protector may not be strictly necessary to prevent punctures. But, it’s still go to use one to add a layer of insulation.

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What Should You Do If Your Inflatable Lay-Z Spa Gets a Puncture?

When your inflatable Lay-Z spa gets a puncture, it will start deflating, and that will be your cue to act. The first thing you should do is to empty the spa of water so that you can locate the puncture. Once you find the punctured spot, mark it using a marker pen or chalk so that you don’t lose it.

Next, clean and dry the area around the puncture, preferably using acetone. Cut a circular rubber that is enough to cover the punctured area and apply solvent-based glue to it.

Then, gently cover the hole with the rubber and give it time to dry and hold firmly. Afterwards, you can pump your spa, fill it with water and enjoy it.

You can read a more detailed guide here: How To Repair An Inflatable Hot Tub Puncture.

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Final Words

There is a variety of things that you can put under an inflatable Lay-Z Spa to ensure that it does not get punctured. Some of the most effective are hot tub base tiles, a hot tub floor protector, and solid foam. If your Lay-Z spa gets a puncture, follow the tips provided in this article to repair it.

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