How To Repair An Inflatable Hot Tub Puncture

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Just like other inflatable products, an inflatable hot tub could develop a puncture. Thankfully, fixing a small hole in a hot tub is relatively easy.

All you need is an appropriate inflatable hot tub repair kit. These kits will save you money and time compared to using a hot tub repair service. You’ll be able to jump back into your hot tub in no time at all.

A puncture in an inflatable hot tub, if left untreated, can easily grow worse due to the water and air pressure, and soon it won’t be repairable at all. So it’s vital that you repair any punctures as soon as possible.

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What are the types of inflatable hot tub punctures?

There aren’t really different types of puncture in an inflatable hot tub, although the location of the puncture does make a huge difference.

If the puncture is on the inside of the hot tub, underneath the water line, then it’s going to be harder to repair. You have to completely drain the hot tub, and try to remove as much water that will have leaked inside the lining as well.

Punctures above the water line, or on the outer wall of the hot tub, are an easier fix, and you can leave the hot tub inflated and filled while you repair it.

Why do inflatable hot tubs get punctured?

There are numerous reasons why your inflatable hot tub might get a puncture, including:

  • Damage due to sharp objects that pinch through the outer body of the hot tub
  • The age of the hot tub, as the material begins to naturally wear thinner
  • Repeated inflation and deflation, weakening the material
  • Poor maintenance, including not cleaning it effectively
  • Using harsh cleaning chemicals unsuitable for the material that weaken the walls
Hot tub gorilla tape repair

How to find a leak in an inflatable hot tub

To find a leak in an inflatable hot tub, firstly turn off any jets and then check inside for bubbles in the water. Then check above the water line and outer walls using a spray bottle containing dish soap and water – this will form bubbles over any leak.

This is a really simple technique for finding leaks because air escaping will push through the dish soap and you’ll easily see where the bubbles are then being formed.

Once you’ve found the leak, you should mark it with either a piece of low-adhesive tape or a waterproof marker, so that you don’t lose it. Then prepare the site for repair. If it’s below the water line that means emptying out your hot tub.

The site of the leak needs to be cleaned and dried fully.

How to repair a puncture on an inflatable hot tub

To fix a puncture on an inflatable hot tub, use a suitable inflatables repair kit. Self-adhesive patches designed for inflatables are OK but it’s better to use dry patches with a water-sealing adhesive. Patches should be cut circular.

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Once you’ve got your patch material, you need to trim it to size. Cut the patch into a circle that extends two inches around the puncture to allow enough area for an airtight seal.

Peel off the back of the self-adhesive patch or apply some adhesive on the site of the puncture, then stick the patch over the marked hole while applying pressure to ensure no water or air bubbles form underneath.

Hold it in place for a few minutes, then leave it to fully dry. Ideally, wait 24 hours before you try to use the hot tub again. Once repaired, fill the hot tub with air until the pressure reaches its maximum, and double-check your repairs to ensure there are no leaks.

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How to determine whether the puncture has been repaired

To check whether a puncture has been fully repaired, repeat the trick used to find it originally – use a mix of dish soap and water, and spray it onto the patch (once fully dry). If bubbles are forming, that means there is still air escaping.

If there are only very minor bubbles, then you can add some extra waterproof adhesive over the top of the patch, and leave it to dry. This should create enough of a seal.


Inflatable hot tubs aren’t cheap, but a puncture doesn’t have to spell the end of the road for your tub. If it’s not too major a hole, then a patch repair is a relatively simple job.

Larger holes bigger than a couple of inches across, or complete tears, are more serious and you may need expert repair services for those. But don’t let a minor puncture stop you from enjoying relaxing times in your hot tub – just get a good repair kit.

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