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No matter what the time of year, inflatable yard decorations add a bit of fun to the outside of your home.  These could be inflatable Halloween decorations, inflatable Christmas decorations, or even outdoor inflatable decorations for a birthday party or baby shower – the possibilities are endless!

Inflatable Halloween decorations

If you’ve decided that outdoor inflatable decorations are right for you, you’ll need to learn how to set up inflatable decorations. Well, you’re in the right place!

In this article, I’ll discuss how to install inflatable decorations including how to hang inflatable decorations and how to anchor inflatable decorations using tried and tested methods.

How To Fix Inflatable Decorations In The Yard

1. Use Stakes

Whenever I need to anchor inflatable decorations, stakes are usually my preferred method of doing so. I find that stakes make a sturdy, but a relatively easy way to set up inflatable decorations in the yard. You can use either garden or tent stakes.

I’d recommend garden stakes, as their length makes them sturdier.  Either wooden or metal stakes can be used for setting up outdoor inflatable decorations, and they’re even strong enough to secure giant inflatable decorations.

Wondering how to secure inflatable decorations from wind?

If you’re using stakes, be sure to hammer them into the ground as deeply as you possibly can. This is because doing so will make the installation sturdier, which will help you to secure your inflatable decorations from the breeze.

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2. Use Sandbags

Another great option when considering how to anchor inflatable decorations, and how to secure inflatable decorations from wind involves tying your inflatable outdoor decorations to sandbags.

This method is sure to keep them floating off into the air, as they’ll be well and truly weighed down. 

And if you don’t happen to have spare sandbags lying around your home (and why should you?), you can order them from, where else, but Amazon! And don’t forget to buy the sand to go in them as sometimes these are sold as empty bags only, so watch out for that.

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3. Tie them to a Secure Object

A possible alternative to tying your outdoor inflatable decorations to a weighted object such as a sandbag is to tie them to an object in the yard that is already fixed and secure, such as a fence or a wall. 

This method has the advantage of utilizing items that are already in your yard, so there are fewer new things to buy. You just need rope or twine to tie your inflatable decorations to your fence or another fixed object.

General Points to Note When Seting Up Inflatable Decorations in the Yard

Be sure to install your outdoor inflatable decorations on level ground, as flat as possible, and away from bushes and any other plant life that could damage your inflatable decorations. This will keep them anchored, and hopefully prevent damage.

If your outdoor inflatable decorations should get torn or punctured, don’t panic just yet! Transparent duct tape offers an easy but effective way to patch up any tears in your inflatable decorations,

Before you install your outdoor inflatable decorations, be sure to read any enclosed instructions in full and follow the methods recommended by the manufacturer.

Also, do remember that your outdoor inflatable decorations are likely to each need a  power supply, so when planning how many outdoor inflatable decorations you’d like to install, be sure that you have enough power outlets in reach into which you can plug in all your outdoor inflatable decorations. 

Also when it comes to how to tie down inflatables, if you’re using a cord or rope, do some research into good knots to use – ones that are strong but that you can untie when needed.

Inflatable Christmas decorations

How To Secure Inflatable Decorations On The Roof

1. Use Clips and Twine

If you’re wondering how to anchor inflatable decorations to the roof, using clips and twine is a simple way to do it. Simply affix the clips to the roof, and tie your inflatable decorations to the clips using twine.  You can get suitable clips and sturdy twine from Amazon.

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2. Use a Wooden Frame

Many outdoor inflatable decorations come with a wooden frame on which you can install them, if this is the case, simply follow the included instructions to affix the wooden frame to your roof, then secure your inflatable decoration to the frame.

Alternatively, if your outdoor inflatable decorations didn’t come with a frame,  if you’re a DIY enthusiast, you could grab a bit of wood, your saw and hammer and nails to make your own frame, from which you could anchor inflatable decorations to the roof. 

3. Use Sandbags

We’ve already seen that tying your inflatable outdoor decorations to sandbags can secure them in your yard, but this method also works well for securing outdoor inflatable decorations on the roof. 

4. Tie them to Your Chimney

Yes, I know that not everybody has a chimney on their roof these days, but if you happen to have a chimney on your roof, it can definitely be utilized when deciding how to hang inflatable decorations from your roof, and how to secure inflatable decorations from wind.

You can simply use rope or twine to tie your outdoor inflatable decorations around your chimney, providing you with an easy, inexpensive and great-looking way of securing inflatable decorations to your roof.

How To Keep Inflatable Decorations From Being Stolen

1. Security Lights with Motion Sensors

This almost certainly isn’t the cheapest way to keep your inflatable decorations from being stolen, but it’s effective, so might be worth the investment, especially if you have quite a few outdoor inflatable decorations to protect, or if your outdoor inflatable decorations were on the pricy side.

Would-be thieves are likely to be panicked when the security lights are triggered, which is likely to force them to abandon their nefarious attempts at stealing your precious outdoor inflatable decorations.

Security Light with Motion Sensors
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2. Chains

A chain with a padlock might not be the most attractive solution to keep your outdoor inflatable decorations from being stolen, but it’s relatively inexpensive, and it works. You’ll find a variety of chain options, including padlocks with keys and chains with combination locks.

Chain Lock
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3. Install GPS Trackers on Your Decorations

This solution is probably outside the budget of most people, and it won’t actually stop your outdoor inflatable decorations from being stolen, but if they do happen to get stolen, you’ll be able to locate (and hopefully recover) them quickly!

The trackers can be affixed to your decorations using transparent duct tape. While the trackers are available fairly inexpensively, the need for a monthly subscription to a GPS service will push the cost up. It’s only worthwhile if your outdoor inflatable decorations were very expensive.

4. Use Transparent Duct Tape

It isn’t the most elegant solution, but duct tape is strong stuff, and could prevent someone from simply picking up and walking off with your inflatable decorations. Transparent duct tape isn’t always the easiest product to find (and not just because it’s transparent!)

But Amazon can help. 

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This method only works if you have something suitable to which you can tape your outdoor inflatable decorations, such as a fence or a wall, and to be honest, it wouldn’t be my preferred method, but it’s a viable, relatively straightforward option nonetheless.

inflatable Santa

In Summary

I hope my article has shown you a number of easy ways to install inflatable decorations, as well as how to secure inflatable decorations from the wind. I highly recommend trying stakes to anchor inflatable decorations in your yard, or if not, try sandbags, which can also be used to anchor inflatable decorations on the roof. Sandbags are also especially good for giant inflatable decorations.

And once you’ve set up your inflatable outdoor decorations, the best way to prevent them from being stolen is probably a chain and lock. I use a chain with a padlock on mine!

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